We can start with the present, my actual stats:
I am 5 10 tall ( 1.78 m) and my measurements are 36H, 26, 37.

I was born in Italy on February 14th, 1979. My mother named me Alexandra because she thought it was such a sweet name. I lived near the beach for several years, and it's there that I have my fondest memories. Wild horses couldn't drag me away from the beach and out of the water, and I've probably spent half my life in a bikini.

I was a cute little girl with long, dark hair and black, piercing eyes. I remember how everyone who knew me said I would be a perfect model when I grew up because I was tall and very pretty. However, I had no interest in modelling. In fact, the only thing that interested me was climbing trees. I was such a tomboy.

My father was a photographer who worked in a camera store. I spent a lot of time in front of the camera, helping him experiment with different photographic techniques and effects. Once I rode my bike past him over and over again, so he could practise taking pictures that capture speed and movement. I vividly remember pouring over all his photography books, and admiring pictures of beautiful women, hoping that someday I would become one of them.

Modelling wasn't a natural career choice for me. I loved to write and eventually decided to pursue a career in journalism. I enrolled in honours courses and many art classes, and I was a straight a student.

After graduation, I landed a job with a private company and worked my way up.
Even though I loved the work, I decided to make a career change and pursue my REAL dream of becoming a model.

In an adventurous move, a good photographer friend and I decided to launch this website. By nature, I am a perfectionist, and I hope that your comments and suggestions will help me improve this website to make it the best it can possibly be.

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